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our purpose

Dreamwaves intention is to create a unique experience for surfers and kayakers all around the globe. By using the laws of hydrodynamics, we avoid electric energy-intensive solutions and work with what is given by nature. The unimaginable power of flowing water. 

Leinewelle Rendering
Modellversuch im Labor Innsbruck

our experience

The profound knowledge of the physical principals of moving fluid makes us special in the area of wavedesign. Our team of hydraulic engineers works closely with the University of Innsbruck and conducts various physical and numerical experiments to gain deeper insights into the processes of stationary waves. Two cuccesfully opened spots in germany use Dreamwave technique.

our specials

The patented Dreamwave system is a modular concept that adapts to different discharge situations and waterlevels, typical for natural waterbodies. By only adjusting the waterstream and not forcing it to a wave,  it is ensured, that the maximum available power is induced into the wave. The modularity of the Dreamwave system enables the user to manually, remotely control it. This way the wave can be shaped to individual preferences: flatter, steeper, smaller, bigger and also in various threedimensional wavetypes. 

2 Modul Welle in Nürnberg
Hannover Verein

your ride

We can assist you in every phase of development of a new riverwavespot. We would love to work with you, your community and your local authorities to provide a solution that fits your individual needs perfectly. Don´t hesitate to contact us. We have free hints to give.

opening, Nürnberger Dauerwelle

Deutsche Meisterschaft 2022, Nürnberger Dauerwelle

Rapid Surf League 2023, Nürnberger Dauerwelle

opening, Leinwelle