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Dreamwave produces waves with the power of the water itself. Hence, pumps are expandable. The only electric energy the system consumes is the suply the hydraulic device works on. Using state-of-the-art technology and redundant pressure storages, the consumption of energy is reduced to a minimum. The engine starts automatically, if pressure is needed. The rest of the day it remains switched off.  While the pumps are running, they work on a capacity equal to that of 3 to 5 hairdryers.

Of course all materials used for the construction are up to the high standards of local water regulations. 

As a wave depends on an already existing waterlevel difference, at most locations the ecological functions of the waterbody are restricted in the actual state. When planning a surfspot this is taken into account and we aim to improve the ecological situation by adding for example a fish ascent.

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feasibility studies

A feasibility study is the first step towards realising a wave project. We examine the local conditions in order to give an estimation of possible wave solutions. In a further step we can evaluate the impact of such a project on the surroundings by using modern applications such as numerics or physical models. The final report, including a first cost estimation can then be used to get the idea to the authorities.

our services

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The dimensioning brings up a detailed insight towards the development of the surfspot. All boundary conditions are taken into account in order to give a preview about what the place looks like, once the project is realised. The best possible solution to create the wave is chosen in permanent communication with the initiators to develop a customized site. Dreamwave has various possibilities to design a wavespot, one of which is its patented modular system.

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The Dreamwave team will accompany you through all phases of the realisation. Together with the engineering office we finalise the detailled plans for the site and its construction. 

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Installing a surfable wave in a natural surrounding or also in an artificial riverbed is a complex project. Many questions arise during the development. Dreamwave gives free advises to effectively make progress and simplify planning for you.

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When all hurdles are taken, we deliver, install and maintain your new Dreamwave. We teach the functions of the system and set the boundaries for the hottest experience in your town.